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Together we
the photonics

Photona GmbH explicitly invests in companies in the photonics industry. Our focus is to support small- and mid-size companies with our professional management services. We focus on growth, while offering protection and retaining the identity of our group members.

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Located near Munich.
Supporting companies

Photona GmbH was founded in 2021 when the Laser Components Group separated its operational business from the equity management allowing a new focus on the strategic expansion of the group.

Members of the group appreciate numerous advantages that set Photona GmbH apart from other traditional investors.


Enable growth

We are growth-oriented and create synergies between the companies in our group.

Strengthen the photonics industry

Not only do we understand the technology, we also understand how the photonics industry works and what it needs to remain successful.



We have the investment power that enables you to achieve your goals..

/  Capital
/  Respect for your autonomy


We offer a strong photonics network to strengthen your success in the industry.

/  Strong network
/  Valuable contacts
/  Global Presence


We provide professional support to speed up your products' time-to-market.

/  Professional management services
/  Coaching
/  Synergies


Concentrate on your core strength. We support your company in the areas of 

/  Sales and marketing
/  Product management
/  IT
/  Finance and regulatory affairs
/  Quality management


We apply easy-to-use toolsets and best practices increase efficiency.

/  Workflow automation
/  5S lean methodology
/  Software tools

A healthy company culture and business ethics allow for smooth and painless transformation. Our management team offers support at eye-level and maintains a hands-on mentality in providing a large variety of services to all group companies.


Patrick Paul

Chief Executive Officer


"As the majority owner I determine the overall strategy of the PHOTONA Group. I make major HR decision and support the group companies with my extensive network."

Caroline Paul

Chief Culture Officer


"We see ourselves as both an investor and family business at the same time. I support the group with company values that promote a positive work environment and I provide the framework for the overall internal and external appearance."

Dr. Florian Blobner

Chief Product Officer


"My broad technological knowledge grants me insight to many different areas of the photonics landscape. I make sure that customer requirements are translated into our product development projects and that priorities are set correctly."

Alexander Faulstroh

Chief Information Officer


"I make sure that digitalization becomes more than just another buzzword, but leads into lean and modern IT solutions that benefit both employees and business partners. IT security and process optimization are my main tasks."

Jan Gössel

Chief Financial Officer


"To help the business units focus on their core business, I maintain an overall financial overview. This includes sound financing decisions, investment support, cost controlling, and various legal aspects of the business."

Claudia Michalke

Chief Marketing Officer


“In today’s fast changing world, I develop new and successful strategies to capture customer awareness and make sure that all marketing activities are in line with our corporate goals and the PHOTONA spirit.”

Pius Perko

Chief Quality Officer


"Quality management is our ongoing commitment to take the path towards a higher quality level. I provide a versatile toolbox on how problems can be addressed and solved."


We support entrepreneurship and respect every group member's need for identity.


Laser Components Germany GmbH


Established 1982 as sales office. First production site opened 1986. 

Today: 157 employees

Manufacturer of laser optics, fiber assemblies, optoelectronic modules.



Since 1982


Blau Optoelektronik GmbH


Established 1987 as manufacturer of optoelectronic devices in the Lake Constance region / Germany.

Today: 17 employees

Manufacturer of laser diode modules.



Since 1987


Laser Components (UK) Ltd.


Established as sales office in 1993. 

Today: 10 employees

Wide product portfolio that includes not only products manufactured by the Photona Group but also components from up to 40 premium partners.


Since 1993


Laser Components France S.A.S


The experienced sales team opened its doors in 1996.

Today: 9 employees

Has been operating under the name Laser Components France S.A.S. since 2007.



Since 1996


Laser Components Canada Inc.


Established 2003 in Quebec, Canada.

Today: 29 employees

Manufacturer of pulsed laser diodes.



Since 2003


Laser Components Detector Group, Inc.


Founded 2003 in Arizona, USA.

Today: 43 employees

Manufacturer of avalanche photodiodes and infrared detectors.



Since 2004


Laser Components USA Inc.


Acquired as a US-based IR manufacturer in 2000, which was later transformed into a sales company.

Today: 17 employees

A strong sales team acting from coast to coast.


Since 2000


Laser Components Nordic AB


In 2014, we established a sales office in Sweden.

Today: 4 employees

The sales team is the contact for the entire Scandinavian market.


Since 2014

invest in


  • Which company sizes are interesting for you to invest in?

    The size of a company is not the most important deciding reason for our investment interest.

    We are mainly interested in well established companies that can prove the profitability of their business model - especially smaller organizations with leading technology that could also benefit the existing group members. Typically we find this in companies with up to 20 employees and annual sales up to 10 M €.

  • Why could Photona be a good investor for my company?

    We believe in teams and alliances and offer the safety of a strong and independent group. We will not only provide our financial means, but also develop a long-term strategy with the departing owner. A gradual out-phasing of the selling party could also be an option.

  • How would our project looks like?

    Every project is different, but we typically experience the following phases:

    1. Market assessment. We search the market ourselves or are being contacted by a potential seller
    2. Execution of an NDA. We set the legal framework to share information within the project
    3. Valuation. We perform a detailed company valuation based on past and expected numbers.
    4. We give a first price indication
    5. We look for synergies between the parties to capture all other benefits apart from the purchase price
    6. We conduct detailed onsite-due diligence and audits
    7. We apply a deal math analysis to define the final purchase price
    8. The equity value transaction takes place
    9. Integration of the company into the group.


New School Bags in Togo


11 Oct. 2022 | Photona supports a school in Togo with bags and stationery.

School in Abang, South Sudan


27 July 2022 | Photona sponsors a new building with classrooms for 400 children in South Sudan.

Product Management


31 Jan 2022 | Dr. Florian Blobner joins the Photona team as Chief Product Officer.

Photona GmbH


01 July 2021  | LASER COMPONENTS GmbH changes its name as part of a group-wide restructuring.


We want to make the world a little better


As a successful, globally operating company, we feel a strong social responsibility. For us, it has always been important to us to donate a certain percentage of our profits to charity. Photona supports charity organizations that act globally.

Plant for the Planet

2023. Photona is committed to a long-term collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet. Over the years, our Photonic Forest will grow. It will restore our ecology and help humanity fight climate change. 

Educational Project

2021. We support Fly & Help to establish new schools in developing countries. Together with the team of Fly & Help we identified a first project to build a school for almost 400 children in South Sudan.